Battle to lead Unite

jerry hicksRespect member Jerry Hicks is one of those who is in the running for the next General Secretary of the Unite trade union, the biggest in the country with some 2 milion members.

The union will be formed by a merger of the union Amicus and the TGWU and an election will be held for a new General Secretary in 2010.

Jerry ran earlier this year for the Geneal Secretary of Amicus as a rank and file candidate after he forced a ballot against the incumbent Derek Simpson.

Simpson had been elected in 2002 as “left” candidate against Blair’s favourite union leader Sir Ken Jackson. He proved to be a big let down and did not nothing to defend union members against Labour’s continuing neo-liberal offensive.

In a surpise result Jerry got 39,000 votes against Simpson (with the backing of the union machine) who won with 60,000.

A (rather dispiriting) report on the United Left meeting in Manchester by Richard Searle can be read here.

The Times also has a report on the election in which they seem to rate his chances. It can be read here.

Jerry’s campaign blog can be read here

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