An interesting letter in the Morning Star

An interesting letter in today’s Morning Star:

Kevin Halpin’s letter (M Star October 26) must be treated with respect.

But it only repeats the old mantra that there is no alternative to a Labour government – except a Conservative one – and that we, the left, must use the unions that finance the Labour Party to change its policies.

The string of sickening right-wing, US-subservient steps this Labour government has taken over its 12 years in office proves that, unfortunately, there seems to be no way that it will change its ways – nor that the unions can or will force it to do so.

If lessons are to be learned, there are countries from which we can learn. An excellent example is Germany.

There the left within its Labour Party equivalent – the SPD – decided boldly to break away and join up with the remains of the PDS, a successor to the governing party in the east, to form Die Linke left party.

In September, Die Linke won nearly 12 per cent of the vote in elections and it is advancing rapidly.

The basis for a new left party in Britain exists. Several prominent unions are no longer attached to Labour and they are waiting for the appropriate moment to set one up or maybe join one that is set up.

There can be no doubt that other unions would follow, together with some of the more sensible left fragments.

The aim of such a left party would be to help produce a left government. Once the left party was of a reasonable size, it could apply to join the Labour Party because it would obviously be better to work within than outside.

But, of course, such an offer would be turned down.

In that event, the new left party could press ahead to establish itself as the only socialist party of consequence in the country.

At the age of 91, as a former trade union official and a member of the old Communist Party of Great Britain for over 50 years, history has taught me (a) that boldness is best and (b) that the British people are yearning for a new and better life that only socialism can bring and that only a socialist party can offer them.

Hyman Frankel
London SW4

As it appears on the Morning Star website.

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