YOu couldn’t make it up (4) Rail company takes the coach

It has been reported by the BBC that Network Rail has booked coaches to take 200 of its staff from Reading to Coventry because the train was too expensive

Open rail tickets to take the staff to a conference would have set them back some £27,000, but that to take the coach would cost £2,400

Such is the absurdity of rail privatisation. The greater “effieciency” acheieved by the market means that whereas in 1994 the old nationalised British Railways recieved a subsidy £1.6 billion, by 2005 this had risen to £4.6 billion.

Britain now has one of the most expensive rail networks in the world.

Pause for thought as Labour announces yet another round of back door privatision of he NHS.

Patients are going to get the “right” to demand private treatment if not seen within a certain time.

So yet more money will be shovelled into the private sector, money that could have been on improving NHS services.

BBC article on Network Rail

BBC article on NHS



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