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Joscka Fischer, The Oil Pipeline and the Secretary of State

joschka fischerWhilst checking activity on the blog over the weekend I came across a comment that was just a link. Feeling a bit tired and snippy my first thought was to delete it thinking that if people want to say something they could at least type rather than just copying and pasting.

However I wasn’t feeling that snippy and decided to click on it first and see what it was. The link I found was to another blog which carried on it an article containing news that was both shocking and predictable.

It told me that Joschka Fischer, former leader of the German Green Party, and Foreign Minister, had signed up for a “six digit salary” as an adviser on the Nabucco Consortium which is to build a pipeline form the Caspian Sea region to the EU via Turkey.

Anyway the the link takes you to the article on the Dear Kitty blog is here (the first part of the post is about the Irish Greens).

More can be read in an article on the Nabucco pipeline in a report in the Morning Star here or in a Wikipedia article here.

Whilst looking for a picture for this article I also discovered that in 2008 Joschka Fischer became a “senior strategic counsel” at the Albright Group, an international strategy consultancy firm based in Washington.

Madeleine Albright

Madeleine Albright

It was founded in 2001 by Madeleine Albright. Madeleine Albright remember her? She wa Bill Clinton’s Secretary of State. So many of the crimes of the last Demcratic adminstration were eclipsed by the Bush presidency that they seemed to have faded from memory.

But it was she who, when in 1996, was asked whether the deaths of a million children under the sanctions regime then being pursued by the Clinton adminstarion agaisnt Iraq replied:

“I think this is a very hard choice, but the price — we think the price is worth it.”

Among the Albright Group’s clients have been Coca Cola and the Merck pharmaceutical corporation. Also affliliated to the firm is Albright Capital Management.

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