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New coalition of the left is go

Nov 7 conf leaflet.qxd

Click picture to download leaflet

Here is the official launch leaflet for the new coalition to fight the general election.

There will probably be more news on the coalition at tomorrow’s conference on working class representation organsied by the RMT at the Camden Centre.

To download the leaflet as a PDF, click here.


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You couldn’t make it up (1)

Sally Keeble MP

Sally Keeble MP

A story from the “you couldn’t make it up” section.

Many of you may have heard about London Midland Railways having to cancel their services on Sunday because not enough drivers volunteered to do the Sunday shift

The reason? Staff used to get double time on a Sunday. And now they don’t. So no one wanted to do it. And who can blame them? After all we are continually told that without the incentive of giant bonuses bankers won’t want to come in Britain. So why would anyone want to give up their Sunday without some inducement?

Well Labour MP for Northampton North Sally Keeble has weighed into the argument. Apparently what needs to happen is:

“London Midland really needs to speak to its staff and to unions to get this situation resolved, because it is ridiculous.

“A review of Sunday working is now long overdue. It should be rostered into staff working hours so this situation doesn’t come up ever again.”

So there you have it. No more carrot, just stick.

This was spotted in the Morning Star

You can also check out the story in the Northampton Chronicle

Sally Keeble’s website

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Bob Crow speaks out about Europe (and says a number of other things)

DSCI0042From a two page interview with Bob Crow in Saturday’s The Guardian:

“Crow’s politics are fascinating. He is an internationalist who recently stood in the European elections on an anti-EU ticket as part of a trade union coalition. As far as he’s concerned, the EU is a capitalist conspiracy to bring wage rates down. Does that mean at heart he is a little Englander? Christ no, he says. He doesn’t care where his workers come from so long as they’re being paid a fair rate. “People think we’re wrapping ourselves up in the union jack, but I have got more in common with a Chinese labourer than I have with Sir Fred Goodwin. I’m anti-EU, but I’m pro-European. Real European support for me means when French dockers take action in Calais, we back it.”

To read the rest click here

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