Communist Party of Britain: Resolution from the July meeting of the EC

In the period between now and the General Election, the Communist Party will prioritise the following areas for public work:

• Campaigning for the People’s Charter and the Charter for Women as a part of broad movements.

• Campaigning for the immediate withdrawal of British troops from Afghanistan, including support for Stop the War Coalition and other peace movement initiatives to this end.

• Campaigning independently against monopoly profit, for public ownership and the Left Wing Programme, mobilising Party branches, raising the Party’s profile and winning new members.

• Mobilising Party members in the trades unions and local communities for anti-fascist work, led by a reinvigorated Anti-racism anti-fascism advisory, supporting genuinely broad-based non-sectarian bodies and seeking ways to promote unity in the struggle against racism and fascism.

The Communist Party is prepared to discuss joint work around the People’s Charter, the political platform of the No2EU campaign, the policies of the Left-Wing Programme and other positions supported by the Party in a united front of left and labour movement organisations, building upon the positive experiences of the No2EU initiative.

This could involve maintaining and extending the levels of co-operation and co-ordination achieved during the No2EU campaign, while drawing support wherever possible from trade unions and other Labour Party-affiliated organisations such as the Labour Representation Committee and the Scottish Campaign for Socialism.

The Communist Party will also seek to build alliances locally based on trade union councils, trade union branches and local mass organisations to campaign against fascism and attacks on workers’ rights and living standards, using the People’s Charter, the policies of No2EU and Searchlight materials.

In the run-up to the General Election, our Party will explore the potential for achieving as much unity as possible on the left and in the labour movement around the following positions:

• A Labour victory would be preferable to a Tory victory, which means a vote for Labour in the majority of constituencies especially where the Labour candidate has a record of opposing imperialist war and privatisation, and supporting trade union and other democratic rights.

•Within the Labour Party, the left and the trade unions should be supported in the struggle to give Labour’s General Election campaign a left and progressive character.

• As well as supporting left Labour candidates, the left should unite around candidates in other constituencies who oppose imperialist war, Britain’s nuclear weapons, the drive to a big business United States of Europe and privatisation, and who support industrial action to defend jobs, services and living standards, the People’s Charter, a major extension of public ownership, rebuilding Britain’s industrial base, a massive redistribution of wealth, repeal of the anti-trade union laws and solidarity with, in particular, the peoples of Palestine, Cuba, Venezuela and Colombia.

• As soon as possible, our Party will proceed to the selection of at least 10 candidates standing in the names of the Communist Party and Unity For Peace and Socialism, and seek support for them from other sections of the left and labour movement.

• Our Party will also invite electoral forces of the left and the labour movement, including the Labour Party left, to declare their support for the People’s Charter and the ten-point programme put forward by No2EU in an open and public appeal.

Following discussions with such forces, the Party’s executive committee will then determine whether the basis exists for any form of electoral co-operation, which could range from non-competition pacts to mutual support to participation in joint campaigns, especially where these have trade union backing, reflect the above policy positions and ensure prominence for the name and profile of our Party.

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