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Bob Crow speaks out about Europe (and says a number of other things)

DSCI0042From a two page interview with Bob Crow in Saturday’s The Guardian:

“Crow’s politics are fascinating. He is an internationalist who recently stood in the European elections on an anti-EU ticket as part of a trade union coalition. As far as he’s concerned, the EU is a capitalist conspiracy to bring wage rates down. Does that mean at heart he is a little Englander? Christ no, he says. He doesn’t care where his workers come from so long as they’re being paid a fair rate. “People think we’re wrapping ourselves up in the union jack, but I have got more in common with a Chinese labourer than I have with Sir Fred Goodwin. I’m anti-EU, but I’m pro-European. Real European support for me means when French dockers take action in Calais, we back it.”

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