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Pre-Butchery Report?

Who’s squeezing the Freedom Pass?

“Climate Change Demo” pics and article

“Respect Conference – A Shift to the Right” by Ian Donovan

Resolution on Left Unity

Why we need a new workers’ party

You couldn’t make it up (4) Rail company takes the coach

An interesting letter in the Morning Star

“Dave Nellist announces the new left coaliton at the Conference on politcal representation” Video

“Bob Crow speaks at the RMT conference on Working Class Representation” Video

Chris Harman, 1942-2009

“New coalition of the left is go”

“A left challenge in the General Election” The latest on “Son of No2EU”

Statement by Jerry Hicks on the threat to jobs at RBS

“You couldn’t make it up” (3) Terrorism law used against protest

On the Communist Party of Britain’s participation in talks on a united left challenge in the general election

“Shaming” The effects of locking up asylum seeking children and how asylum seekers are forced to live in poverty

The German Greens’ “Jamaica Coalition”. The Greens go into coalition with the right

“Everything must go!” Brown privatises yet more

The Great Game continues” Growing tension between Russia and Ukraine
“Christine Bucholz: Revolutionary in the Bundestag.” Newly elected member of the aparliamnt and supporter of Marx21

“You couldn’t make it up” (2) How the Blairs have built a £12m property empire

Sign The People’s Charter online

Make Capitalism History” dielinke.SDS, a video by Die Linke’s student organisation

“A New Hope in Germany” Analysis of the Federal election results

Victory for strike at Tower Hamlets College

A survey of articles on the Web about the German Federal elections and the rise of Die Linke

Article from the Guardian on the contemporary dole office

BBC journalist Paul Mason on the crisis and why it may not be leading to a rethinking of neo-liberalism

“Who ever said the world was fair. It isn’t fair.” BBC Panorama programme on the bank bail-out robbery

“Who’d have thunk it? Another round of neo-liberalism” Will the crisis strengthen neo-liberalism?

“You couldn’t make it up (1)” more anti-working class twaddle from New Labour

Rank and file candidate Jerry Hicks and the battle to lead Unite

Indefinite Strike at Tower Hamlets College

Refinery workers set to strike again

Rob Griffiths “Seizing the left initiative”, article on left unity by the General Secretary of the Cpmmunist Party of Britain
“Whitey on the Moon” the classic track by Gil Scott Heron on lunar exploration

Irish Greens vote to back Lisbon Treaty

“Joscka Fischer, The Oil Pipeline and the Secretary of State” The former German Greens’ leader’s involvement with big business

“The Iran upheaval – what do socialists say?” Ian Donovan

“Are the Greens an alternative?” by Alastair Stevens

“Left unity and Class Politics” by Ian Donovan

“Who defended the RMT on the Greater London Assembly?” How all parties on the London Assembly united to condemn the RMT strike on London Underground

“Bob Crow speaks out about Europe (and says a number of other things)” Interview with Bob Crow

“What do the Euro elections tell us?” Analysis of the Euro election results

“Southwark Respect backs No2EU”

“Hip Hop for Palestine” Music video

“Southwark Respect at the Carnaval del Pueblo” Video

“China – Strike Capital of the World”

Howard Zinn: An illustrated people’s history of the US empire” Article on the life of Howard Zinn and a video of his book

“A Lenin for our times?” Article on American Marxist Paul LeBlanc

“Iranian workers strike for their rights” Video and article on a strike in Iran

“Strikes Sweep South Korea”

“The Tennis Court Oath – 20 June 1789”

David Harvey talk on “A Short History of Neoliberalism” Video

The Estates become the People – 17 June 1789

David Harvey’s course on “Capital”

“A song of rebellion – Contessa” Video

“The Latvian Red Riflemen Statue” Test post of a picture taken by the blog adminstrator in Riga

“What is Respect?” Article by Nick Wrack, then National Secretary of Respect

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